Biodegradable palm leaf plates Greenway palm leaf tableware is produced through a washing  and hot pressing process of Bethel Palm Tree leaves, a plant  originated in India and Malaysia.

Disposable biodegradable plates made from cellulose pulp. The use of biodegradable plates respects the environment and makes tableware collection even easier. Food waste and plates as well can be disposed in the organic waste compartment and be used to produce fertile compost.

Disposable biodegradable and compostable cutlery in Mater-bi Greenway cutlery has been conceived to combine use endurance and biodegradability. Available in the comfortable biodegradable cutlery meal kit with knife, fork and napkin, or in addition with a spoon.

Bio-shoppers and biodegradable bags for organic wastes Green Way offers a vast assortment of bio-shoppers and bags for the separate collection of organic wastes.

Disposable and biodegradable PLA and cardboard glasses. Whether for hot, cold or even frozen drinks Green Way glasses are the perfect eco-friendly solution.

Ice Cream biodegradable and disposable kit. The Green Way biodegradable disposable kit is designed for ice cream and ensures the highest quality of the products along with respect for the environment and the future.